What is LATISSE®? and Why Should I Get This Treatment for my Eyelashes?

From the time we are young, women are conditioned to see long, thick eyelashes as an element of beauty. We apply mascara to make our lashes look darker and thicker. We comb our lashes, apply eye creams to keep them healthy and strong, and avoid scrubbing in fear of pulling them out. But in spite of all this effort, many women – and even some men – struggle with thinning eyelashes.

If your eyelashes are not as long or full as you’d like, you might apply false lashes or visit a salon for eyelash extensions. These are decent substitutes for natural lashes, but they’re a lot of work to maintain, and they don’t always look as real as you’d like. If you want longer, thicker lashes that are truly your own, there is a better option to consider: Latisse®.

What Is Latisse®?

Latisse is a prescription medication that encourages your eyelashes to grow longer and fuller. It was FDA approved in 2008, and in the years since, it has helped countless patients improve the health and appearance of their eyelashes.

Latisse is available by prescription. Most patients in good, overall health are candidates for Latisse. While many patients who use this medication are women, it can be prescribed to men, too.

How Does Latisse Work?

Latisse contains the active ingredient bimatoprost. While this ingredient has only been used as an eyelash growth treatment since the late 2000s, it was prescribed as a glaucoma treatment before that. Glaucoma patients often found that their lashes began growing thicker and longer when they used bimatoprost. So, some years later, cosmetic doctors began prescribing it as a treatment for thinning eyelashes.

Eyelashes only grow for a certain period of time. Latisse works by extending that growth period. Since your lashes keep growing for a longer time, their length increases as treatment with Latisse continues. Latisse also increases the number of eyelash hairs that you grow. So, over time, you’ll notice that your lashes become thicker and more abundant on Latisse.

How Soon After Starting Latisse Will You Notice A Change?

Patients often notice improvements in their eyelashes just a few weeks after beginning treatment with Latisse. This can be really exciting! For the first time in years, you may feel confident stepping out of the house without first applying mascara or false lashes. Some patients are so pleased with the changes that they change their entire makeup routine or feel inspired to pursue a whole new look.

The results you get from Latisse tend to build over time, too. After a few weeks, you’ll start to like your natural lashes again. After a few months, be prepared to fall in love with them.

How Do You Use Latisse?

Latisse is not a pill you have to swallow, and it is not a medication you have to place in your eye. Rather, it is a preparation that you brush into your lash line – the part of your eyelid from which your eyelashes grow. The good news is that you only need to apply Latisse to your upper eyelid. When you blink, some of the medication will be transferred to your lower lash line, helping your lower lashes grow thicker and stronger, too.

Latisse should be applied once a day, right before you go to bed. The medication works best while you are sleeping, and applying it before bed also reduces the amount that is transferred to cosmetic brushes, glasses, and other items. Your cosmetic doctor should give you sterile, one-time-use applicators to use with your Latisse. To avoid infections, it is important to use each applicator only once and to throw it away after you use it.

Can You Use Latisse If You Wear Contacts?

Yes. In most cases, people who wear contact lenses can use Latisse safely. However, you will need to remove your contacts before applying the medication to your eyelids. If you normally wear continuous, night-and-day lenses, you’ll need to start removing them nightly when you begin using Latisse. Consult with your eye doctor; they may recommend a different kind of contact lenses, going forward.

Are The Results Of Latisse Permanent?

In some ways they are, and in other ways, they are not. If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes are likely to begin thinning again. So, if you want to maintain your thicker, fuller lashes, you will need to continue using Latisse daily. As long as you keep using Latisse, your lashes should retain their stunning, new look.

The idea of using Latisse forever can turn some patients off. However, applying Latisse once a day is generally easier than applying false lashes or maintaining eyelash extensions. If you keep Latisse with your other evening cosmetic products, such as your night cream and under-eye cream, applying it will soon become a part of your nightly routine. You’ll barely think about it.

Are There Any Side Effects To Worry About?

Most people who use Latisse do not complain of any side effects. In rare cases, patients notice that the skin around their eyes becomes darker. Often, this fades in time as your body adapts to the medication.

Another side effect to worry about is itching. Some patients notice itching for a few minutes after applying Latisse. More rarely, patients wake up with itchy eyelids in the morning. Consult with your cosmetic doctor if Latisse is making your eyelids itch. They may advise you to stick with it a bit longer and see if this symptom clears up, or they may recommend discontinuing Latisse because of this rare side effect.

Can You Wear Eye Makeup When Using Latisse?

Yes, you can apply eye makeup when using Latisse. You’ll apply the Latisse at night, so it has plenty of time to be absorbed before you apply your eye makeup the next morning. It’s very common for patients to keep wearing eyeliner and mascara when using Latisse. But don’t be surprised if you feel like using less and less of these products as your eyelashes grow healthier.

Can Pregnant Women Use Latisse?

Sometimes, eyelashes become thinner during pregnancy due to normal, natural changes in hormone levels. Unfortunately, Latisse is not usually recommended for use in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you’re pregnant and worried about your eyelashes, your best bet is often to use false lashes or volumizing mascara until you give birth. Your eyelashes may naturally become thicker and longer again once your pregnancy is over. If they do not, then talk to a cosmetic doctor about starting Latisse.

How Dramatic Are The Results?

Every patient reacts to Latisse a bit differently. Some patients experience more dramatic results than others. However, clinical trials make it clear that the results of Latisse do tend to be substantial. In a 16-week trial, patients experienced, on average, a 25% increase in eyelash length. They experienced a 106% increase in eyelash fullness, too. In other words, after just 16 weeks on Latisse, patients’ eyelashes were about twice as thick and significantly longer.

Why Do People Lose Their Eyelashes In The First Place?

It is very, very common for eyelashes to become thinner and shorter as you age. Often, this occurs due to changes in hormone levels that affect your hair growth cycle. Stress can also be a factor. When you’re stressed out, your hair follicles enter the dormant stage – the stage where they stop growing – much sooner. Latisse can correct for this by extending the hair growth cycle. However, it’s also a good idea to address the stress that may be contributing to your thinning eyelashes. Focus on lifestyle changes that help you relax, and implement a good self-care routine.

Eyelash loss can also be perpetuated by certain beauty habits. Wearing mascara to bed can damage your eyelashes. Your mother probably warned you of that! Even once you begin using Latisse, it is essential to practice good cosmetic hygiene around your eyes. Remove your makeup fully before bed each night. Replace your mascara at least every three months, and never share makeup with anyone.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your eyelashes, it’s time to talk to your doctor about Latisse. This FDA-approved medication is easy to apply, yields dramatic results, and is safe for most patients. You deserve to fall in love with your lashes again, and Latisse can make that happen.

If you’re looking for a cosmetic doctor in the Daytona Beach area, contact You First Medical Aesthetics. Our friendly staff members make every patient feel welcome. We take a lifestyle-based approach and can also help you address the stress and habits that may be contributing to your eyelash loss. Our patients have enjoyed life-changing results with Latisse, and we’re excited to help you enjoy the same.